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Dreams By Magnolia Services


Love your neighborhood? Love your neighbors? Love your community? Only “like” your home? Call Magnolia. Do you spend countless hours on interior design sites looking for the solutions to make you fall in love with your home again? Call Magnolia. With our years of experience, we can create the home of your dreams with some minor tweaks and without the major hassle or budget.



Have you been thinking about the home of your dreams but need a team to turn your dream into reality? Call Magnolia. As a true custom home builder, we offer design/build as part of our services. Whether you have identified the perfect location to build or not, Magnolia can assist in every step of the process.



The water is gone or the smoke has cleared…. Everyone is safe and accounted for. But where do you even start to put your family’s life back together? Call Magnolia. With years of experience in reconstruction, we not only coach you and your family through the insurance claim process, but we have turnkey solutions for mitigation and reconstruction. Call Magnolia to turn your tragedy into a silver lining.


Client Testimonial

"Carmin built our dream home 4 years ago. We really enjoyed the building process as she was very experienced and insightful and always had ideas and solutions for anything that arose during the process. We also loved working with all of her "subs," they were very professional, had great workmanship and uphold the high standards Carmin expects.
I really enjoyed working with a woman. As a result, I felt like we were working with a builder AND a designer. She really listened and incorporated all of our ideas and the end result was a home way beyond our wildest dreams. More importantly than the building process, after our home was finished Carmin stood behind her work 110%. I feel very lucky to have worked with such a wonderful builder and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to build their dream home."

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